My EXOlu’Xion In Manila Experience

My EXOlu’Xion In Manila Experience

I know, I know. This post is sooooo loooooong overdue! It’s a boring Friday afternoon and I have all the time in the world right now, so…finally, I can share the “feels” of my first EXO concert with you guys. <3

Quick self-facts

To give you a summary of how I started liking K-pop, it goes way back in 2006 when I was a Grade 6 student (‘guess you have an idea of my age by now. LOL). At that time, the kind of music I only listened to were OSTs from Anime. And during those times, we didn’t have any TV programs and music shows that focused on Korea and K-pop. All we had were Telenovelas but I never watched because I was only interested in 2D shows/characters. Also, K-pop wasn’t a craze in the country just yet. I really had no sources to expose myself to K-pop. And then, I found out about BoA and her song ‘Motto’ from my classmate who was watching the Music Video on her mobile phone. I instantly got curious and hooked! I couldn’t use our PC at home because we just got hit by typhoon Reming that caused us the highest flood eveeer and longest power outage eveeeer. :/ So, my first spazzing moments happened in internet cafes. Thank you for existing, Netopia! Hahaha!

There you go. The rest is history! I became a huge SM Entertainment fan (I don’t care if you hate them for the agency’s issues. I owe my idols to SME. :p). When Kai’s first teaser was released in December 2011 (My laaadddyy ^^’), I just knew I was gonna be a fan of him and the group! Uggghhh

It was 2015, and then came the best announcement ever. I actually shouted when EXO’luXion In Manila was confirmed! Finally, I was going to see them perform in the flesh. I just love all their songs! T__T

EXO concert tickets

EXO concert

#TeamVIPSeated beybeeeh! I always think that I should always have money set aside for my fangirl needs. Even if there’s no ganap, always be ready. You’ll never know when they’ll come for you.

Side Story: I bought my tickets in SM Naga. Sad that there’s no SM yet in Legazpi City. :/ It during Globe’s Pre-selling chuchu and I got there early and was first in line in the ticket booth. Kinda frustrating though, even if I was first in line, the lady in charge there was a bit late. I got there when she just got there, you know, with her bag and after-commuting-look. I was already in line together with some fans and it was frustrating to see her turning on the computer, readying the system, etc. I was like, OMG I might not get the seat I want. T_T. And I didn’t. Guess they didn’t expect us to be there so early. 😥

EXO Concert D-Day!

Fast forward to January 23, 2016, D-Day! I was so egzoiteeeeed! It’s like meeting an old friend or relative later that night. <3

Here are some pictures:

EXO concert
While waiting in line. hehehe


EXO concert
View from my seat. I love that extension on our side. We were really close! <3
I can never take stable shots during concerts. LOL.
EXO concert
I was shouting here “Don’t gooooo TT__TT …”

HUHU Feels~

It was such a great night! I really enjoyed the concert. Although I remembered that it didn’t start on time. We got in about an hour late than expected. The set list was also a bit different from what they perform in other countries. It’s just my hunch but I think they changed it a bit to adjust to the members. It’s really disappointing that Kai (my UB **cries a waterfall** The concert also ended earlier than expected. It should have lasted about 3 hours but I noticed it ended already after 2 hours and around 30-40 minutes maybe. I forgot. But we all know we can never get enough of them. haha. Some dance songs weren’t performed also. Like, ‘The Star’ and ‘Mama.’ It was great though that they performed ‘Unfair’ from their Christmas release.

This wasn’t my first K-pop concert but it gave the feeling of a ‘first time.’ All in all, it was a great experience. Just the fact that I was there in their first solo concert in the Philippines was pure #EXOLGoals #FangirlGoals!  I’m looking forward to EXO’rDium in Manila, hopefully early next year. I’d like to thank Ms. Happee Sy and her team, to everyone in Pulp Live World, the sponsors, and everyone who continue to make our dreams come true. True, business is business but I know our lovely organizers get fulfillment in what they do. A BIG thank you to you guys! I’m also hoping for a SHINee World concert in Manila too. T___T

A very short open letter to Kai: PLEASE! PLEAASE! Take care of yourself. I want to see you dance and perform at your best next time. TT__TT

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