Online Korean Makeup and Skin Care Stores – Compared

Online Korean Makeup and Skin Care Stores – Compared

A lot of online Korean makeup and skin care stores have popped out mainly because of the global popularity of Korean makeup style and skin care routines famous for having 678910+ steps. The popularity of K-pop idols and actors/actresses also greatly influenced a trend and style. Through this post, I will introduce you to 3 online stores that I really like.

I will also make a brief comparison of the 3 online Korean makeup and skin care stores but please take note that I chose them for these reasons:

  • Office is based in Korea (there are good ones based in the US but since I’m from the PH, it’s more convenient for me if it’s in Asia or directly in Korea)
  • Range of products/brands I prefer
  • Completeness of website (info, images, reviews, etc.)
  • Shipping fees/promo deals, and lastly,
  • I just like them, okay? 😀

Here are the 3 online Korean makeup and skin care stores:

  1. ibuybeauti – known for their subbed videos of “Get It Beauty” on Youtube.
  2. RoseRoseShop – they have so many brands available.
  3. Jolse – popular for making real firsthand product reviews.

Through this general comparison, you can get an idea how prices vary on each site, the available brands they carry, and a little of things that need improvement. I’ll also give a few tips at the end of this post.

Product Price

Check out the comparison of prices of some popular products below. You’ll notice that not all stores carry the same products and have the same price. It will depend on how you weigh the prices with the shipping fee added to see which is more worth it.

Etude House Moistfull Collagen Cream 75ml

$12.39 – Ibuybeauti

$11.49 – RoseRoseShop

$14.30 – Jolse


MISSHA Geumseol [Golden Snow] Tension Pact

$24.73 – Ibuybeauti

Not Available – RoseRoseShop

$26.33 – Jolse


PERIPERA Ink The Airy Velvet

$7.22 – Ibuybeauti

$5.68 – RoseRoseShop

$11.46 – Jolse


Innisfree Jeju Volcanic Color Clay Mask

$7.43 – Ibuybeauti

Not Available – RoseRoseShop

$9.58 – Jolse

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Available Brands

All three stores carry a different range of brands. You’ll notice that one store has a particular brand while the other doesn’t. Also, while one store carries a wide range of brands, the products they carry per brand are limited, resulting to the unavailability of a certain product.

Scenarios can happen like, you want to shop at this one store but they don’t have some of the products you are looking for. Yep. I feel you. The best thing to do is to e-mail them and let them know you’re interested in getting a certain brand or product. They always consider the demands of customers so maybe they’ll have what you want in the future.

**click image to enlarge**


Ibuybeauti brands


This one has brands from A-Z so I couldn’t take a proper screenshot. Check them out on their website.

Roseroseshop brands



Jolse brands



Shipping fees vary depending on your order’s weight, total price, country, method, etc. You may check their fees by clicking the links below:





What would I change?…

I’ll state some of the things that need some improvement:

ibuybeauti – needs to get more brands in. Seriously.

RoseRoseShop – navigation menu needs improvement though the auto search box feature is neat. Also, have a FAQ page/section especially for new customers.

Jolse – there are so many things going on on their homepage I’m overwhelmed! Haha.

Out of these three, I’ve only actually tried shopping on one store. The other two stores are next on my list because they carry other brands I’m curious of.

Tip 1: Try putting the same things in your cart per store to find out where you can get the best deal (total price of items + shipping fee).

Tip 2: Make sure to read their shipping terms and other policies. Some stores make promises like: they’ll give you a 100% refund if your package was lost; shipping is free if you reach a certain amount, etc. so look out for those. 😉 If you think a store has nice policies then I guess you wouldn’t mind paying a little more for the service, right? I personally prefer stores which still assist you even if your parcel was already shipped because some can just leave you hanging after paying them. meh~~ >.<

There you go. Hope this post can help you make a decision. If you have questions, you may ask me personally on Facebook, Instagram, comment down below or contact me here.

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