My YESSTYLE Shopping Experience

My YESSTYLE Shopping Experience

Hi guys! If you’ve been following me on Instagram, you might have seen the photo I uploaded when my orders from YesStyle arrived. YesStyle has been around for a while now but it’s my first time to purchase from them. Read on below as I share my first-hand experience about their platform, service, actual products, and if I would consider ordering from them again.

The Website:

I have been eyeing this website (and their Instagram) for a long time now and was so excited that I could finally try them out! As a fan of Asian fashion, I was overwhelmed with their wide selection of items ranging from different styles like Japanese and Korean.

Their website is neat and easy to navigate. I can give them two thumbs up for their ordering, payment, and notification system. Everything is just so organized and detailed!

What I purchased…How it works…Cancellations…

Here above are my orders. I placed my order last October 9, 2016 (Sunday). The whole process was very smooth up to the payment. I have to warn you though, some items have chances of getting cancelled like in my case. Check the availability of the item first. If it says “In Stock – Usually ships within 24 hours,” it’s good to go and the item may already be in their warehouse. But if it says “Usually ships within 7-14 days,” YesStyle will first request for the item from its source then wait for their confirmation if it’s available or not. In my case, my orders could have been shipped to me earlier but the lace socks I wanted got in the way. They sent me a “Notice of Item Cancellation” via email on October 11 (Tuesday), saying that the socks aren’t available and it won’t be restocked soon. T.T
The good news is, they immediately issued a refund for the cancelled order. Yey! I also have to mention that if the total of your items amounted to $35 or PHP1,800 PHP1,900 (now prolly because of our current exchange rate >.<), shipping is FREE! And if you happen to reach that amount but get an item cancelled along the way, your order will still be qualified for free shipping. Phew~!

I was so excited to get my hands on my items >.< The next day, October 12 (Wednesday), I was notified again that my order has been shipped! By shipped, I’d like to define that as YesStyle have sent my items to their chosen courier, not meaning that my items are currently flying to the Philippines. On that same day, there was still no tracking information available. I checked again the following day, October 13 (Thursday), and finally saw an update regarding my parcel. UPS was the listed courier and it was still in Hong Kong, going though some scanning, checking, etc. Every following day I checked its status and it’s nice to see updates. By October 14 (Friday), it was already in Manila, Philippines. I got really excited because every time I order something, when it’s in Manila, I should expect the parcel to arrive at my house the next day. It wasn’t the case this time though. A super typhoon was passing by so I expected a short delay. My parcel didn’t get delivered on the weekend and I got a bit worried because the tracking wasn’t updating anymore. It was stuck to “severe weather conditions may cause delay blah blah…” I understood though. Flights were actually cancelled here and there so I just had to wait. Finally, On October 17 (Monday), my parcel arrived in the afternoon! It was already here in Legazpi City! Weeee. <3

To sum it up, I could have received the parcel earlier if it hadn’t been for the cancelled order and the typhoon. :/ Basically, I just waited less than a week for my orders to arrive. Great job to YesStyle and UPS! Oh, though UPS was the international courier, Air 21 was the one who delivered the parcel to my house. 😉

Actual Items…


The parcel was nicely packed. So many layers. LOL. This picture above shows my orders, the printed summary/receipt, and the free gift I got (hair pin).

The items are really nice! The dress is exactly as it is in the pictures and the shirt is even better! I already wrote a review on YesStyle on these items so you can check that out (see the review from user ‘kaye’).

Below are some actual pictures. No edits here! So please excuse our kinda dark room. hihi. I wanted to preserve its rawness under natural/indoor lighting.


Final Thoughts…

I loveeee the items I got. Definitely no regrets! I would purchase again if I happen to like something. My first experience was great with YesStyle. It could be different for other people and it could be different on my next one. But it’s safe to say that with this firsthand experience, it was worth it. 🙂

Hope you guys found this post helpful! If you have further questions, let me know. You can also ask me on Instagram. 😀

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